More than 250 performers…

…present you the largest arena opera spectacle of the decade! Immerse yourself in ancient Egypt at the time of the pharaohs.

Even before the large cast Hanseatic Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Musical Director Michael Ellis Ingram, the first notes of the opera sounds, you are at the foot of the temple at the gates of the royal palace. Entering the arena is like a journey into antiquity: you smell lotus blossoms, pine trees, spices and the waters of the Nile, feel a warm wind, hear the soft chirping of crickets as the sun slowly rises and our story begins…

The entire arena is our playing area: soldiers, priests and numerous Egyptian women in the entourage of Princess Amneris enter the arena from all directions: For example, the aria of Radames is sung in the auditorium – up close between the spectators and at the same time to follow via our large video wall.

The rattling of swords, the marching of our soldiers, the flowing of the Nile water – Our AIDA is an audiovisual spectacle around a love story of two people: AIDA & Radames – prisoner of Ethiopia and the commander of Egypt.

Love, rivalry, fear, despair and hope: only in the arena can this love story be told so spectacularly: Two people in the midst of the gigantic monumental backdrop, who draw the complete focus to themselves with their love and make us forget everything around us…

Source: Aida Opera live

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Photography: Christoph Eisenmenger



For over 10 years I have been the head make-up artist at the Karl May Games at the Kalkberg in Bad Segeberg.

With great enthusiasm for live shows and open-air theater, I have found my passion in the world of make-up. One of the biggest challenges for me at the Karl May plays is creating wigs and makeup that enhance the characters on stage while being suitable for 75 performances, including double shows and in all weather conditions.

As an experienced makeup artist at the Karl May plays at Kalkberg, I have developed an extensive repertoire of techniques and styles over the years to give the performers the perfect look. From historic wigs and makeup for the Wild West characters like Winnetou and Old Shatterhand to the fearsome villains and fascinating Indian characters, I love to use my creative streak to breathe life into the characters and make the production even more authentic.

With great care and professionalism, I work to ensure that the performers not only look great on stage, but also feel comfortable and safe. Hygienic measures are a matter of course for me to ensure the highest standards.

As a true Karl May fanatic, I am very familiar with the needs and requirements of the Karl May Games and work closely with the directing team to ensure that the vision of the production is implemented in the best possible way. My many years of experience and expertise in the field of make-up design at the Karl May Games at Kalkberg make me the ideal contact person for all make-up concerns related to the popular adventure shows.

I always strive to continue my education and stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques in order to meet the high demands of the Karl May Games and to support the actors in their artistic performance in the best possible way.



Make-up Designs

Make-up- und Wig-Design

As a makeup & wig designer, I was able to fully live out my passion for fantasy worlds and eras in the entertainment area of Aida Cruises.

From fairytale costumes and characters from fantastical worlds to glamorous 1920s style looks, each show had its own unique atmosphere and aesthetic that needed to be highlighted with my makeup and wigs.

For the performers in the shows, I created makeup looks that brought the characters to life. From elaborate face paint for exotic creatures and mythical creatures to dramatic eye makeup for stage performances with artistry and dance, my creativity knew no bounds.

Wigs were also an important part of my work. I developed and selected wigs in different styles and colors to give the characters the perfect look. Whether long and curly for a romantic ballad or short and bold for an energetic dance number, the wigs were a crucial element in giving the performers an authentic and impressive look.

Aida Cruises’ shows were a unique blend of music, dance, acrobatics and entertainment. It was an exciting challenge to introduce the performers to the different worlds and eras, and to help make the shows unforgettable experiences for the audience with my makeup and wigs.

It was an incredibly inspiring collaboration with the talented costume designer Dirk Zilken to turn the visions and ideas for each show into reality. Together we have created countless costumes, makeup looks and wigs that have made Aida Cruises’ shows truly spectacular.

It has been an honor to be a part of this creative team and to be able to bring my skills as a makeup and wig designer to Aida Cruises’ entertainment shows. Being able to put artists in fantastic worlds and support their performances with my creative contribution has been an experience that has continued to ignite my passion for my profession.
It has been a great pitch to bring my artistic skills to Aida Cruises’ main shows and dance shows. With my makeup and wig creations, I got to transform the performers into fantastic characters and help them shine on stage.

Collaborating with Dirk Zilken was a source of endless inspiration. His creative ideas and sense of detail have always challenged and motivated me to do my best. Together, we have developed and implemented numerous shows that have thrilled audiences aboard the Aida fleet.

I am proud to be a part of the team that has helped shape Aida Cruises’ shows. My work in the entertainment field has allowed me to further develop my artistic skills and fully live out my passion for makeup, wigs and fantasy worlds.



Fabelhafte Weihnachten im Sony Center Berlin


  • Idee und künstlerisches Konzept / Bühne und Bau:
    Mediapool Berlin
  • Kostüm Fee: 
    Barbara Kessler
  • Kopfbedeckung:
    Atelier Couleur&Co.
  • Make-up -Design:
    Pia Norberg maskdesign
The Christmas­bakery

2018 bis heute

Das Musical mit den Liedern
von Rolf Zuckowski

von Martin Lingnau und Hannah Kohl

Perücken & Maske:
Pia Norberg maskdesign
Premiere 2018

Boybands Forever

Musical 2017-2018

Head of Make-up Design: Pia Norberg maskdesign


Video: SEMMEL Concerts Mediathek.

Fotos: Holger Fichtner, Kai Heimberg


Ein Video aus der SEMMEL Concerts Mediathek.