Mask Design
Hair · Make-Up

Pia Norberg

“With the wide range of services of make-up artistry, I create realizations that strengthen the roles of the protagonists and support the visual expression of the project. This demand and its feasibility even on a larger scale has been my passion for over 20 years.”


In my work for the stage, many different characters, artistic and technical challenges come together and have to be solved as a team. I plan the design of make-up and hairstyles, working closely with directors, costume designers, producers and actors, singers and dancers to optimally define and create the desired look for each character.


My great enthusiasm for live shows and open-air theater once brought me into the world of make-up design. I still love the great challenges of shows of this kind: all ideas and designs (wigs, make-ups & co.) have to show off the characters to their best advantage and are exposed to enormous stresses: uncountable performances, extreme weather and unconventional environments.


With great pleasure I also support photo and film productions with my work. Mostly these are advertising productions or short films. Working for the camera requires a completely different approach and aesthetic than working for the stage. I find the switch between these worlds inspiring and creatively enriching.