Tristan and Isolde


»I am getting more and more incomprehensible how I could have done something like that! Here I have exceeded everything that is within the realm of possibility, «says Richard Wagner after completing his opus metaphysicum in 1859. In fact, his adaptation of the ancient Celtic saga deals with the radical exclusivity of love and death. From the very first moment Tristan and Isolde’s love is addicted to death. On their night of love they celebrate the absence of life and the world as a prerequisite for happiness: “Let forget that I am alive … release me from the world.”


Premiere 2011

  • An in-house production of the Ruhrtriennale.


  • MUSICAL DIRECTION Kirill Petrenko
  • DIRECTED BY Willy Decker
  • STAGE Wolfgang Gussmann
  • COSTUMES Wolfgang Gussmann, Susana Mendoza
  • VIDEO bold film
  • PHOTO Paul Declaire