»What could a God be to us, whom we understand, of whom we can form an image, who we can influence? We are an old people. Not every individual can yet fully grasp our idea of God; come to terms with the fact that everything that happens depends on a supreme being, whose laws we feel and recognize, but are not allowed to ask about their meaning. / Arnold Schoenberg


Premiere 2009

  • An in-house production of the Ruhrtriennale.


  • DIRECTED BY Willy Decker
  • STAGE DESIGNER Wolfgang Gussmann
  • COSTUMES Wolfgang Gussmann, Susana Mendoza
  • VIDEO Johannes Grebert
  • MIT Finnur Bjarnason, Andreas Conrad, Dale Duesing, Ilse Eerens, Martin Gerke, Boris Grappe, Karolina Gumos, Constance Heller, Hanna Herfurtner, Renatus Mészár, Dong-Won Seo, Michael Smallwood
  • PLAYGROUND Century Hall Bochum