Kirche der Angst


An awakening experience without redemption. Wake up from sleep and feel that someone stranger has entered your home. Wake up from a nightmare to find that you haven’t slept at all. The security is stolen, it’s getting hot, it’s getting cold. You are no longer alone in your body, the unknown has taken root. The feeling of not feeling anything, a moldy state, a deformation maybe. A pain that hurts so much because you only guess it. Holes are torn, memories are lost. Everything is here, nothing is now. You are robbed of yourself, an empty monstrance.

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Premiere 2008

  • Premiere




  • Concept, direction: CHRISTOPH SCHLINGENSIEF
  • Stage: Thomas Goerge, Thekla von Mülheim
  • Costumes: Aino Laberenz
  • Light: Voxi hogweed
  • Film montage, video: Heta Multanen
  • Sound design: David Gierth
  • Dramaturgy: Carl Hegemann